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The biggest store in Polis area it is a private family business registered as I.C. Appliance City Ltd.
The company was founded in 1992 by the Owner IoannisCharalambous where he started a small shop repairs of washing machines and fridges in Johannesburg South Africa.
In 1998, he moved to Goudi and specializes in the maintenance of home appliances, Satellites, tv systems Etc.


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I.C. Appliance City Ltd

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In 2004our first and largest store in the area is opened to support all the local villages of Polis-Paphos. Foreseeing the market needs in the area, led to the creation of a wide selection of products for the consumer. I.C. Appliance City Ltd store in the main road to Paphos-polis (Goudi), which is an ultramodern shop with all the comfort, with huge parking lot and area of 300sqm witch is the largest store tech products in Polis area. Currently the Store network composed of 5 people workforce that are fully qualified and always ready to serve and provide the best solutions to customers.

The main categories of products and services offered by the store are:

  • Telecommunications Services And Telecommunication products such as Mobile phones, Cordless, Corded Phones, Accessories, Satellites
  • Computer Products and Audiovisual Products such as TVs, cameras, DVD players, Home Cinema
  • Electronics such as electronic components, cables, batteries, Fixtures, Adapters, Satellite, LED Bulbs
  • Appliances such as, Kitchenware, washing machines, air conditions, fridges ovens, fan extractors, hobs.
  • I.C Appliance Aim

    The Company I.C. Appliance City aims to serve its customers and will continue to offer selected products at very competitive prices with the best support after the sale.